Friday, December 31, 2010

Modern-Moms Vs Kids

The hitech generation Moms have high level of expectation from their kids. They want their kid to be a role model in school and participate in all competitions - whether he/she is intrested or not and be the champion.

They boast of their kids acts amidst their friends- I know that its quite common for all parents to talk of their kids but what i am referring here is of over enthusiastic people. They should understand that "KIDS are KIDS" and we should leave then free and let them enjoy their childhood.

Ten years back, kids went to school at 5 years but now kids are going to school at 2-2.5 years. I even came across kids who are in pre school at below 2 years.The earlier LKG and UKG have been made Pre KG, Jr KG and Sr Kg thus accomadating more young kids.

They chart a tight daily routine for their kids and make them adhere to that..A sample chart follows:
1.Morning Yoga (Yoga masters have seen the market and startes kds classes)
4. Music
7.School Lessons

By the time the kid is tired, they ask him what happened in the school which will make him faint.Go school days when the kid eagerly awaits his mid term or annual holidays, the kids is pushed into a series of activities which is more hectic than the routine and it's termed as SUMMER CLASSES.

I once went to admit my seven year son for tennis class and asked the coach if his age is fit to start the coaching and the master said, you are late by 4 years...I was puzzled when the coach pointed me some tiny tots (3years old) with tennis bats around him. Their parents were watching them hardly able to catch hold of the bat thinking of  Sania mirza and Mahesh bhoopathy in their minds

Let us leave kids to enjoy themselves and be playful. I agree that new generation kids are faster and intelligent but still are Moms stretching them beyond their limit (elasticity)..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New year Parties

Now a days New Year parties are celeberated with pomp and bash similar to western countries in India. Star hotels are making huge profits by arranging parties and selling tickets at high rates as our folks beeline to grab the tickets.Do we need to really spend so much money and do a bash to welcome the new year when we have a large group of people who are below the poverty line trying to make both ends met to get a good meal?

Is it not noteworthy to take a note of what we have acheived in the last year to celeberate and welcome. New year is a calendar change which occurs every year and do we really need to go for a spree to welcome it.

Hope responsible Indians need to think if we really care for our society rather than for ourselves.

New Era Schools

There is a rapid change in school life in the last 10-20 years (1980-1990) to modern era schools.The education pattern has changed drastically and there are different type of education system adapted by different schools-Montessori, Play Way Method, Abacus, Age old CBSE and Matriculation, State Board-What are they upto?
In modern world, the school your kid studies is a mere reflection of your social and economic status in the society. Are there real benefits or the schools are cashing in on the new era parents who want their kids to be super wizkids...
The exorbitant fee structure collected by the school makes us feel how an average person be able to groom his kids? Where are we heading towards...Does India need County schools where we have equal education for all? Who are managing the schools- Politicians or people with social responsibility..Even the schools founded by corporates are inclining towards demanding more as they see the huge demand in the eductaion sector..
On an average the fees paid for higher education (Engineering and Master degree) professional courses in 1990's have become the Kinder garten fees today (2010)...Is this a healthy rise for a developing country like India where education has played a vital role in posing us as the super power in IT tranformation?