Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cricket 2 Corruption

Come 2011 has been a landmark in cricketing history as we have won the world cup after a prolonged wait. The unity displayed by we indians in celeberating the world cup win across India made us proud to feel that we Indians are so united for a common cause

 Why is this unity not shown in other issues we face in our day to day life?-Corrupt Politicians,Hike in price of essential comodities etc.,

But it is good to see medias exposing issues bravely and bringing to public attention so that the issue get resolved or highlighted until the government takes some action- The recent example is the fast by Anna hazare for getting the Lokpal bill implemented. It started in a small stage and then thousands of people across various cities supported him and that made the government to negotiate and come in agreement.

Let us stay united as we did for the world cup win for everything that affects common man...This unity will make our rulers (politicians) think and make the work as a real public servant...let us creat that thought in them...