Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We Indians boast ourselves of our democratic and secular India. Are we really enjoying democracy?As India is a diversified country with vast heritage and different cultural values across different parts of the country-We wanted democracy. Who are the owners in the democracy? -The People, says the politicians but they feel our importance only during the elections when they need our vote.The Vote is the tool we have to show our power in democracy and we need to ensure it is not misused.

Today India is under the grips of the politicians - the so called 'NETAS' who are enjoying their power and swindling wealth for their generations. How many times does an MLA or an MP comes to his constituency to see what are the problem faced by public? He has time to reach us when he need votes but not after that...What does MLA or MP mean, they are the representatives of the people in the government but do they do that. They are busy thinking about themselves and their people.

Recently I met a MC (Municipal Councilor- the level at which his political career starts) and he had 4-5 people surrounding him as his shadow. Is it really needed? Imagine the people around MLA, Minister or MP then. These netas speed up in cars after winning the elections. When all other job requires prior experience, Politics is the only arena where no experience is required. Now a days heriditery politics is also a common scenario in India as they believe the easiest job is to fool our people.

The only powerful tool we have is the 'VOTE' and hence we need to be cautious and make use of it very effectively. Let us make use of the opportunity and select the best among the lot