Saturday, December 14, 2013

FB Mania

Face Book - As the name goes is the most used site for all of us through your LAptops or hand held devices.

If you do not have a FB account then you cannot show your face to anyone. From Kids to youngsters to youth to middle age man to old people-Its the buzz word.

Good that its a tool to stay connected but at the same time we should know and have our limits-What to post what not to post. What to share and what not to..

I have been on FB for long time but accept friend request only from close friends and known people.

We need to keep in mind that our post can be viewed by many people who are not connected to you but to you and your friends. Its relative to the settings selected by your group of friends.

So friends my personal advice is that although its a good media, never share any personal information and photographs.

Many cant wake or go to bed without posting a message,

Some want to share and see how many likes they get...Crazy..

Hope you would have heard stories of personal data theft and photo morphing in FB.

Remember all these data is stored in a server which is not in your control.

So my humble request is to excercise caution before you post personal aspects in FB.