Friday, November 18, 2016

Demonetization Drive in India

8 PM on Nov 8, 2016 was when the entire Indians were happy but shocked - Credits to NAMO the man behind modifying India.

As denominations of Rs 1000 and 500 were withdrawn to curb black money, differnt views started floating in social media about the ban- positive and negative but ultimately the drive was effective and weclomed by the common man.

It was a first thwart to the black money and black market dealers- may it be politicians, professionals, big or small time business man whoever has black matter.They now need a black magic to turn their black to white.

However the drive has adversly affected the common man who had various commitments and hey couldnt fulfill due to the reduction in the cash flow. Banks & ATMS were flocked by people eager to get it done on priority. Hatss off to the men behind - Banks and their staff who are working round the clock without break to ensure circulation of money is effective.

The MIMS and CYNICS of people in queue and hartals by black politicians are increasing day by day to demoralize and gain suupport of the people-Its part of democracy.

But the public is behind this man to support and ensure his vision and mission is fulfilled.