Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cultural Shift in India

India is a country which is valued across the world for its rich heritage and culture. English and Americans value indian traditions and culture which they see as the reason for bonding togetherness in family life and instilling self discipline.

However in the recent years there is a major shift in culture within in the indian younger generation- Name the reason as IT, Global development, People travelling across countries.

As Indian we need to admit one thing we welcome change and get used to it very easily. Most of do not know the value and reason behind our rituals and practices- Hence leave it in one go

Some Samples

- Salwars & Saris turn to Sleeveless and Shorts
- Pizza & Burgers become breakfast in place of IDLI & DOSA
- Noodles in place of IDIYAPPAM
-Forehead becomes 'Bindi' Less
- APPA and AMMA becomes MOM & DAD
- Forgetting traditional festivals and start celebrating in different ways

They feel it proud to say 'My Kids don't know Tamil'. Aren't we ashamed to say you do not know your mother tongue

I accept that this is modernization and living the western way of life. But are Foreigners in India doing that when they are in India. They might do it for a day but will never adapt to it. But we do.-WHY?

When our culture is recognized across the world we as Indians needs to be brand ambassador in making sure that it is spread across the world.

The result of the western impact in our culture is reflected in the daily news we read

- Number of marriage breakups
- Kids becoming Obese

Just thinking of our next generation which is growing seeing this change.

Pls make sure that your kids are aware of the culture and tradition _ Let it not go in Vain.


  1. Wise words Sethu.. You are in the right location to admire our culture and admit our rupture..!

  2. BTW, Pl consider removing the word-art security.. it is pain ful..!

  3. thanks sir. sir didnt get your point. pls elobarate